This Present Time

With the hard issues going on in the Political and Social arena, it is now even more important the we come together!  We understand the times we live in are hard.  Many are beset with anxiety, depression, and grief.  We know that the Bible says that these days will happen.  Enter into all this, the Church!  We are a people gathered together to minister one to another.  
Yes, the current culture require distancing, and here in MN, we are feeling it everywhere we go.  However, this does not excuse us from functioning as the church.

The church might not be able to do everything for you during these times.  That is okay.  However we can still be a resource for you!  Please contact us if you want to get involved or if you are needing help.  We can point you in the right direction to help  you in this time!

Contact the Church

We'd love to hear from you.  If you are wanting to be a part or are needing some assistance, please fill this out and we will do our best to contact you and point you in the right direction for assistance!